Saturday, 25 April 2015

Sweet dreams

Gingerbread runner from Hillyfields Parkrun
Day 375
Rest day, with walking to Parkrun to voluncheer, some stretching and strength work on mat and repeating positive mantras

There is nothing more to be done, except check various websites to see if I should be drinking isotonic drinks now (always worry about that, because of sugar before bedtime), if I should add extra salt to my plain pasta, or to keep comparing short shorts, long shorts or full tights as running uniform of choice. It will of course be Kent AC vest on top, but my plans for the tight short shorts I wore for Mallorca (pelvic assistance ones) or the capris of the type I wore at Berlin are giving me mental grief. The short shorts aren't lucky (disappointing 4:01 Mallorca), the capris (3:57, Berlin) may not give me the extra support I need on the wee wee front, but they augur well. There's another reason for the capris, they're looser, so easier to roll down to make room for one's cardboard penis in the girls' urinals.

I cannot believe my head is so soupy with this indecision.

Then there's the weather. I've a whole throwaway outfit for the chilly hanging around hour before the 10.10am kick off. I have bought a cheap rain poncho from Tiger to use as a changing robe, and will pack a change of clothes, wet wipes and freshen up unguents in my marathon bag for the luggage lorry. I will most probably need to change (dreaded memories of Berlin distress), but I won't be able to get my lucky racer bra off under my poncho.

All the while I'm thinking about grub. I've tried to eat and drink well all day, but eschew fibre. I am going to have a little pasta, spinach, cheese and beetroot for my dinner. But not too much. In the morning, it's porridge and banana.

There is nothing more I can do. I prepared as thoroughly as I was able. I perhaps did not run an adequate number of tempo miles. I will reflect on the good times during these long weeks of training.
Look at the stats. If you can do 1:45 half marathon, you can do 3:48 full.
This will be a fun long run with 43 friends from Kent AC. And 37,000 others.

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