Thursday, 23 April 2015

Expo sed

Day 373

Team6 training with Erik : stepovers, ball slams, blades, balance, in and out and more. Glutes work. Then to the marathon exp and loads of walking on various missions

To the Expo! Where runners pick up their numbers, worry about whether they have the right kit when faced with concessions and concessions of brightly coloured technical gear. It's at these times when acquisitive, kitloving runners are like kids in a sweetshop, spending £38 on a pair of compression socks (that was nearly me, until I pulled myself together) in te hope it'll help them run faster on the day. I succumbed to my favourite salted caramel gels and some beetroot juice. Oh, and some chia nut protein butter. I cannot get interested in bright new kit though. I feel a bit hefty and hopeless (as is often the case in taper) and have always been of the opinion that the more 'flattering' the women's running wear is supposed to be the more hideous I look in it. A rather  low mood caused by lack of sleep and a bout of self -loathing occasioned by inability to turn up to anything on time or get organised domestically, professionally or financially has been exacerbated by the  the hideous weather forecast for Sunday. The thought of standing around shivering in the rain at the start is giving me chills in today's glorious sunshine - reminding me of the Milton Keynes marathon nightmare of 2010.

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