Wednesday, 22 April 2015


What a lovely local park for a buggyrunner of advanced years...
Day 372
Four miles easy, plus a cycle ride back from East Croydon

It was a privilege to be in Berlin these past two sunny days, and I was really looking forward to getting up and out to explore this gorgeous local park in the Gesundbrunnen area of Berlin (like Lewisham, this is on the up and becoming more hipster every day). In its centre is a little hugel with a helter skelter style path winding round it, which I jogged up today to see the views. As you can see from the unremitting grafitti and the many trees obscuring the views over the Mitte, the area does not pander to tourists. Indeed I heard very few English or American accents around the local streets. I harboured fantasies of starting up m on little Teutonic buggyrunning business here in Berlin, my newly adopted city. If I am to travel out to see my little grnadson Charlie Catford as often as I want to, I will need a remunerated reason to do so. While I run, I scheme. There must be something an educated, articulate running Oma can do to fund her Berlin habit.

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