Monday, 20 April 2015


Croydon dawn
Day 371
5am bike ride to East Croydon, walking round Berlin, I expect

Thinking about race-day fuelling again. Some people take it very seriously. I never used to use gels, and my marathon PB was achieved without them. However, some of my fellow Sunday runners reckon they may need four of the sickly sweet sachets of gunk to get them round. A rather more wholemeal woman, of about my years, says her husband will be at mile 10 with a 'date and banana smoothie'. I reckon to have a banana in my waistband. Husband will be en route to Norwich, at a dancing pace, wearing a minstrel outfit. But that is another story, which I will tell you another day.  It's 4.29am and I have a plane to catch.

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